January Kickstarter Update

Posted By Ron Sunshine on Jan 11, 2016 |


Check this out:

This is the cutting of the lacquer masters for the vinyl version of “Bring It Home.” It is a time-honored and arcane process that had almost died out, but is now being resurrected. The man in the video, Chris Muth, has a 1970s Neumann lathe in his studio, but spends most of his time traveling the world helping maintain the few remaining functioning lathes in use. This lacquer master is then sent to the plating plant, where the molds are created to stamp the actual records out of vinyl. The “donut” labels are then applied, and the records are placed in the sleeves, in the custom-designed jackets, and are then ready to be shrink wrapped and shipped. Well, we got this very important step completed, and the masters are off to the next step in the manufacturing process. Check out this video of the plant where my records are being made:

Just wanted to keep you posted! When I have a completion date, I will share it with you right away.

I am also in the process of mailing out CDs. If you haven’t given me your mailing address yet, you will be hearing from me via email or Facebook. So, please be on the lookout.